This site is a compilation of various efforts on my part to present information to students. These efforts have been worthwhile due to the input of many, many individuals. It is necessary, however, to acknowledge the assistance and encouragement of certain people without whose existence my life would be incomplete.

Grateful Acknowledgement to:

German Lessons: Dedicated to Oscar Matson of Redding, CA. For your encouragement and assistance in my own teaching development, for your excellent wine and Kameradschaft, for your mischief and Joie de Vivre, and for your friendship, --- TAUSEND DANK!

German Folksongs: Dedicated to Dr. Dona Reeves-Marquardt of Austin, TX. For your dedication to the field of teaching, for your patience and understanding with stumbling students, for your kindness and generosity in sharing, --- THANK YOU!

Spanish Lessons: Dedicated to the memory of my Grandmothers Refugio Guzmán & Sofía Aguilar (both deceased). Because you were my Grandmothers.

Spanish Folksongs: Dedicated to my Dad, Lee Aguilar, and to the memory of my Mom Joan Aguilar (deceased). Because you are my parents.

Resource Pages: Dedicated to Eric David of Redding, CA (he escaped, too!).For your immediate responses to my computer needs and the development of my computer skills, for your ability to explain things in a way that even I could grasp the information, for the exposure you provided me to the music of your generation, and for dedicating yourself to "LEARNING" ... Domo Arigato Gozaimashita! and to

Entire Site: Dedicated to every student who ever took my classes anywhere. Your inquisitiveness and desire to learn forced me to look up vocabulary, search out answers, solve problems, deal with areas of study that I never would have touched without you ..., You forced me to be "a better teacher" every single semester ... Observing the development of language skills in you, the students, really made all the difference in the world to my awareness of MY success as a teacher.